No two people are the same and as such I tailor therapy to meet the specific needs of my clients. Whether you (or your child) are struggling with anxiety, depression or any other concern that may be slowing or blocking potential, I will help you recognize underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and adjust certain behaviors and thoughts to see things a different, healthier way. I do give equal weight to client expressions of resiliency and successes. I also work hard to provide a safe and trusted environment to develop curiosity and courage to grow.

Adult Individual Therapy

 “I believe that the therapist’s function should be to help people become free to be aware of and to experience their possibilities”. Rollo May

I often hear, “If I could just get past my fears/anxiety/depression/etc., I could be so much more!”. I can help you identify the tools (including those you already have but may not be using) to face your challenges and manage roadblocks that get in the way of seeing yourself as whole, valid, and valuable. One of the ways this happens is through a safe, non-judgmental space to explore yourself in a new way- a space I work hard to foster and maintain. I provide therapy that is theoretically eclectic and flexible, and based on your needs and current circumstances, but our therapeutic relationship, along with identification of your strengths and unique gifts are the keystones of my practice.

Play Therapy (for younger children)

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” –  Fred Rogers

Young children have not reached the developmental milestones to start integrating their feelings and behaviors. That being said, they still have to capacity to feel very big, complex feelings. Play therapy provides a space for younger children to explore their feelings in a way that is both non-threatening and familiar, and that fits with where they are at developmentally.  I provide both directive and non-directive play therapy, depending on your child’s needs, thereby allowing for self-expression when needed and opportunity to learn new skills when called for.

Older Child/Adolescent Therapy

“No one is too young to change the world.” – Natalie Warne

Older children and teens are beginning to have more complex interactions with their peers and the world around them, but thoughts and feelings can still be rigid and concrete, and are often overwhelming. Maintaining appearances gradually becomes very important, even to physically and/or intellectually gifted kids. Establishing trust in the therapeutic relationship can take longer but is especially important here, as is fostering resiliency at an even higher level. I provide a safe space and multiple avenues for older kids and teens to work through the anxious or depressed thoughts they may be having about themselves and/or their relationships, while finding ways to develop a more flexible-but-stable identity that doesn’t feel restricting and that emphasizes their strengths and positive growth.

*Please note– I do NOT provide custody evaluations, child abuse evaluations, or court testimony. I am happy to provide a list of resources available if these services are what you need.

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